Who We Are

Victor Hayes
Founder, Co-Owner

Before founding the Victor Hayes Company, Victor worked as a controller with a private manufacturing company. But he always dreamed of going into business for himself, and he made that dream a reality in 1973. For 15 years, he grew his client base and handled operations on his own. Then, his daughter Sue decided to go into business with him. They have been a team ever since.

Now semi-retired, Victor has given ownership of the Victor Hayes Company to Sue. But he continues to be a presence, coming to the office regularly to help with day to day operations, and he continues to foster the relationships with clients that allowed the company to succeed.

Suzanne Mikolaizyk

Sue graduated from Madonna College (now Madonna University) in 1983 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. She worked in the private sector for a few years until she passed the CPA exam in 1988. She then asked her father, Victor Hayes, to employ her at the Victor R. Hayes Company for a two year internship so that she could obtain her CPA license. She has worked there ever since.

Sue has helped Vic grow their practice, assisting current clients with their computer and accounting needs and bringing in new clients needing her tax and accounting expertise. Her knowledge and skill grew both from additional schooling and guidance from her father. After his semi-retirement, she took over as the head over the Victor R. Hayes company, and continues running the business to this day.